How to achieve work life balance

How to achieve work life balance

An average typical man spends most of his time at work. This is increasingly the case for women as well. Another significant portion of our time is spent commuting to and from work. This is a serious issue, because this is as stressful and harm family life.

Increasing competition at work, globalization where we are attending calls in early morning to late nights to cover different geos, scarcer resources, and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle is a by-product of modern society. An equitable and healthy life can only be achieved with a reasonable work-life balance.

Unbalanced lifestyle has various ill-effects. While one is young and healthy and generally disease-free, one is able to spend a large portion of hours at work without any seeming ill-effect on health. However, at that point, one does not realize the long-term effects of an inappropriate work-life. Stress and physical demands of work do not affect you at your day-end, but slowly the effects of sleep deprivation, commute, stress at work, and the constant self-pressure to keep the rat race start showing. It exhibits itself in one’s physical health, mental health, and in relationships.

Benefits of a good work-life balance:

Better work results and quality of output: There is evidence that a balance of work and play can enhance your ability to work better and even play better. By play, we don’t mean only fun and games, but whatever activity that sets mind at rest. A relaxed mind is better at performing tasks than a stressful mind. Did you know that airline pilots are mandatorily transported to their aircraft in luxury limos and are often stationed closest to the airport? This is to ensure that the pilot is perfectly rested and relaxed before he takes off.

Better relationships:  In personal or at work relationships, a relaxed atmosphere is reached if there is no stress or work pressure. At work, there is less toxicity in a balanced work-life atmosphere. Similarly, at home, there is no baggage from work that lets the atmosphere at home deteriorate and is detrimental to relationships.

Health: Stress because of poor management of work and life has become a serious contributor to lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and others. This also has a serious financial impact because one is at the risk of shortening one’s productive life as a result of these issues. We also have spending on management of disease, which is considerable.

Fulfilled life: Research has shown that those who manage their work life better, also lead fulfilled and highly satisfied and contented lives.

In conclusion, one needs to seriously examine the ill-effects of poor work lifestyle and work actively towards achieving a work-life balance for both one’s own, one’s family and even the company’s benefit.

In all these aspects, we at PROLIM encourage to have an enriching life with flexible working hours, and work life balance workload. The work environment at PROLIM also ensures that our employees have a stress-free office life as well. We feel that we have some best practices by leveraging state of the art technology that we inculcate in our organization that can be of benefit to our end-clients as well.

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