How to Add a Macro Tool in Solid Edge Quick Access Toolbar

Keep in mind the Quick Access Toolbar is environment specific. For example, if you would use this macro in the draft environment, you would want to follow these instructions in the Draft Environment. For this example I’m going to create the tool on my welcome screen.

Step 1: On the Quick Access Toolbar, select the down arrow.  Select More Commands.

Step 2:  Select the Quick Access Tab.

Step 3:  Select Macros in the drop down for Choose commands from.  Notice how I only have a few categories here because I am at the welcome screen.  If I was in Draft, I would have more categories, Home, View, Sketching, etc.

Step 4:  Click Browse at the bottom to Browse to the macro you want to use.

Step 5:  Hightlight the .exe file and Click Add to the Quick Access Toolbar.

Step 6:  You have the option to add an icon to the tool.  Click Assign.

Step 7:  Notice the results.  Close the dialog box.

Step 8:  Notice the results in the Quick Access Toolbar.

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