How to be Efficient Using Teamcenter

Do you struggle to find and share data? Have you considered a product data management (PDM) or product lifecycle management (PLM)? Maybe you’ve thought of it, but it seems like a complex solution.

Let me share a customer experience. Before implementing Teamcenter (a PDM/PLM tool), one of our customers had a huge problem losing data, including documents. They would sometimes search up to 45 minutes a day, looking for things. (trying to find similar parts to start the design, looking for old revisions or trying find standard parts) Does this sound like an issue you have? Maybe you can keep things organized, but you have trouble with someone who doesn’t approve things in a timely manner.

Using Teamcenter, information or tasks can be passed effortlessly. No more checking every day to make sure someone got your information and is working on a shared task. Multiple people can seamlessly approve a task. This is 65% faster than the traditional approval processes. Once a workflow is set up, you can send an email to a specific person to approve, reject or to comment (signoff on the task completion).

Teamcenter is kind of like a roadmap, it helps you get to where you’re going with ease. For example, have you ever come to a four-way stop with a flashing red light and everyone suddenly forgets how to drive? I have, and it is the worst place to be. Suddenly everyone at the light starts using their hands and thinks that they are an aircraft controller. But when you come to a stop and there is a traffic light, doesn’t the transition become easier?

The traffic light is there to give you instructions on when it’s your turn to go. That’s exactly what Teamcenter will do for you and your team, it tells you when it’s your turn to go – stay – or sign off on the task completion.

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