How to Create a Custom Global Style in Solid Edge

How to Create a Custom Global Style in Solid Edge

Step 1. Start in the Draft environment.

Step 2. In the Dimension Group on the ribbon select Style.

Step 3. Select “New.”

Step 4. Give the Style a name. Here, we’ve chosen “Custom Style-1”
Make adjustments to the style settings under the style tabs, i.e. general, units, text, etc.
After you’ve made your adjustments select “OK”
At this point the custom style has been created and is specific to the file you’re working in.

Step 5. If you’d like to use this style in future drawings and want to make it global.

Select “Organizer”

Step 6. Highlight the custom style on the right hand side and copy it to the global file on the left hand side.


Step 7. Select “Close” and your custom style will now be available globally.

When working in a new file you will have to go under Style->Organizer and copy the custom style from the global settings on the left to your current document on the right.

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