How to Create a Webkey in NX

Step 1: Obtain your Sold-To number and your Webkey access code

a. Open NX

b. Go to the help menu and select About NX

c.Click the system information button

d. Locate the Sold-To number which is the number portion of the Server ID

e. Locate the Webkey access code

f. Keep this window open

Step 2: Open Internet Explorer or your web browser

Step 3: Go to

Step 4: Select Webkey Management

Step 5: Select create account

Step 6: Select Siemens PLM Standard Webkey Creation

Step 7: Enter the Sold to and Webkey from the NX window you opened above

Step 8: Follow the instructions to enter a username and password and be sure to remember this information as you will use it for all Siemens Support Website items such as software updates.

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