How to Determine Solid Edge Version, Sold To, and License in Use

The following is a technical post to help you find the version of Solid Edge you’re running, the Sold/to number and license information.

1. Open Solid Edge.

2. Click the back arrow in the upper left corner to get off the Open and Recent Screen (or open a Solid Edge file/create a new Solid Edge file)

3. Click the Learn Solid Edge tab on the right side so the window comes out

4. Click “About Solid Edge.”

5. Notice the About Solid Edge window appears.

6. Notice the version is listed at the top

  • The version format is x64
  • 110 is Solid Edge ST10 (109 = ST9, 108 = ST8, etc.)
  • The third set of digits, .02, show what maintenance pack is installed on the computer. In this example, Solid Edge ST10 (V110) is installed with maintenance pack 2.

7. This also shows what licenses are available in the license.

8. Customer’s sold to is also available in the About Solid Edge Window under Technical Support Information.

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