How to Find Out Your Solid Edge CID

How to Find Out Your Solid Edge CID

Using the License Utility (ST4 Already Installed)

Step 1:   Go To Start / all programs / Solid Edge ST4 / licensing / license utility.

Using the CID Utility (Download)

Step 2:   Look in the top right corner to find your CID.

Step 1: Go to http://ftp.ugs.com/solid_edge/SupportTools/

Step 2:  Log in with your Webkey.

Step 3:   Click on SE_CID_Utility.

Step 4:   Right click on SE_CID_utility.exe and click Save Target As…

Step 5:   Save the Se_CID_utility.exe to a known folder or location. 

Step 6:   It will start to download. 

Step 7:   Once done downloading, click Close on the Download complete dialog box.

Step 8:   You are done with the internet browser for now.  Go to the location you saved the SE_CID_utility.exe.

Step 9: If this is the machine you need the CID number for, just run the utitlity. If not, or if you need other CID numbers to register, copy this utility to the other machine(s) and run it.  To run the utility, just double click the SE_CID_utility.exe file.


Step 10:   If the following message appears, just click Run to proceed.

Step 11:   Note the SE CID number.  This will be used to register your Node-Locked machine for Solid Edge ST4.

Step 12: You can click Close to close the CID window.


Or Navigation from Siemens Support site (support.ugs.com)
Step 1:   Go to support.ugs.com


Step 2:   Click Download & Upload Files, then click Download files.

Step 3:   Log in with your Webkey.

Step 4:   Select Solid Edge from the drop down list beside Product Updates.

Step 5:   Click SupportTools/

Step 6:   Click on SE_CID_Utility

Step 7:   Continue with Step 4 above.

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