How to Force Update Dwg Views in Solid Edge

Force updating a drawing will help to repair graphics and/or crosshatching in section view(s). Pressing Ctrl+Shift and clicking the Update View or Update Views command causes the drawing view(s) to be totally recalculated (graphics as well as crosshatching).
The Update View command and Update Views command, only update drawing views that are out of date.  In addition, if the changes made to the model do not affect the graphics in the view then the graphics may not update even though SE does not show the thin gray border indicating that the view is in fact out-of-date.  Seen below is an example of this: 


To force an update on a single drawing view
Step 1:   Right-click on the drawing view.

Step 2:  Hold down the Ctrl+Shift keys.

Step 3:  Click the Update View command in the drawing view shortcut menu.
To force an update on all the drawing views in the draft file

Step 1:  Hold down the Ctrl+Shift keys.

Step 2:  Click the Update Views command in the Ribbon.
Example where a forced update is needed. This is an assembly with space between the two solids.

Step 1: Create a section view that doesn’t show all the graphics of the model. The section plane doesn’t extend through the solid on the right.

Step 2:  For purposes of this lesson, delete the right hatching in SECTION A-A using the Draw In View command.

 a:  Right-click the section view

 b:   Click the Draw In View command

 c:   Select the hatching on the right

 d:   Press the Delete key on the keyboard.

 e:   Click the Close Draw In View command.

Step 3:  Double-click the principal view to open the model.

Step 4:  Create a change that will be outside of the section view.  For this example we create an assembly feature to the solid on the right.

Step 5:  Close and Save the assembly.

Step 6:  Click the Update Views command to update the views.

Notice that the hatching is still deleted and the assembly feature is added.



Step 7:  Hold down the Ctrl+Shift keys and click the Update Views command again.

Notice that the hatching returns.

This is because a forced update totally recalculates the drawing views which includes the cross hatching.

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