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How to Install Standard Parts/Machinery Library for Native NX

How to Install Standard Parts/Machinery Library for Native NX

Step 1: Download the Machinery Library Install Tool and Standard Part Libraries from the GTAC website: http://support.industrysoftware.automation.siemens.com/gtac.shtml

a.Navigate to “Download Files”

b. Login with your Webkey Username and Password

c. Select the “Product Download” button

d. Select product: “NX / Unigraphics NX”

e. Expand the menu according to your operating system. (In this case I will use Windows 64-bit)

f. Expand the menu option titled “Machinery library”

g. Scroll down, right-click & save the Machinery-library-install-tool-2010-05-07.zip file. You can save it to your Desktop for now.

h. Save the libraries you wish to use: For this example I will be using item number 8 on the menu. The file name is “ANSI-Metric-2011-04-21.zip” and I will be saving it to my Desktop. We will move this zip file from the desktop to a different location later. Notice that you can view the contents of each library before downloading it by clicking on “View Contents” found to the right of each file name.

Step 2: Extract the Machinery Library Install Tool.zip file:

a. Find the “Machinery-library-install-tool-2010-05-07.zip” file on your desktop. Right-click and select “Extract All…”

b. Select “Browse” specify where the files will be extracted to.

c. Extract the files to a folder titled, “NXPARTS.” Navigate to the folder by selecting the following: Computer -> Local Disk (C:) -> Program Files -> Siemens -> NX 8.0 -> NXPARTS Highlight the folder and select “OK”

d. Select “Extract”.

Step 3: Move library zip files and create Machinery Library folder: The folder “NXPARTS” should open after the extraction. If not, navigate to it. Computer -> Local Disk (C:) -> Program Files -> Siemens -> NX 8.0 -> NXPARTS You will see a folder titled “Machinery-library-install-tool.” This is where the extracted folders & files reside.

a. Create a folder titled “Machinery Library” that we will use later: Select the “New Folder” button just below the address bar and assign the new folder a name of “Machinery Library”

b. Move the library zip file(s) from the Desktop to the “libs” folder so the installation tool can find the libraries when executed. The “libs” folder is within the extracted files/folders from step 2. The path to the folder can be seen in the address bar in the image below:

Step 4: Run the Machinery Library Installation Tool: Find the “MachineryLibrary-Installation.bat” file. Location of the file can be seen on the address bar in the image below. Double click the .bat file to begin the install and follow the prompts

a. Select “Run”

b. Specify your language and select “OK”

c. Check the box next to “I agree with the above terms and conditions” and select “Next”

d.   Choose the option “Native Mode” and select “Next”

e. Choose the option “Create a new installation” and select “Next”

f. Specify which libraries you want to load by checking the box next to them. Notice that the installation tool has found the “ANSI Metric” library that we moved to the “libs” folder earlier. You can further specify which parts of the library you wish to install by expanding the library with the plus/minus signs. In this example I have chosen not to install Round Head Bolts. Notice that the box next to “Round Head” does not have a check mark. Once you”re done defining which parts of the library you want to install, select “Next”

g. Specify installation path: Use the “Machinery Library” folder that we created earlier. Click on the “box with three dots” icon at the end of the install path dialogue box. Navigate to the Machinery Library folder: Computer -> Local Disk (C:) -> Program Files -> Siemens -> NX 8.0 -> NXPARTS

Click on the Machinery Library folder once, so that it is highlighted, and select “Open”

h. Review the configuration information and select “Install”

Step 5: Configuring NX to use the Standard Parts / Machinery Library:

a. Open NX and select: File->Utilities->Customer Defaults

b. Click on “Gateway” which will expand a sub-menu and select “Reuse Library”. On the “General” tab, underneath “Native NX” make sure the box next to “Display Reuse Library” is checked.

c. Add the Machinery Library path to the “Libraries Organized by Native Folder” dialogue box: Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the Machinery Library folder and copy the path to that folder seen in the address bar.

Next, type in “Machinery Library|” and paste the path to the machinery library folder after the “|” symbol. The “|” symbol is directly above the “enter” key on your keyboard. Your second line should look like the one in the picture below. You may already have an entry or two in the dialogue box depending on how NX was loaded on your machine. The thing to pay attention to is the second line in this example:

Tip: This message is displayed when the cursor is hovered over the question mark above the dialogue box.

d. Configure the Part Family Save Directory: When inserting a machinery standard part in to an assembly the user will select options that determine the parameters of the part (i.e. length, diameter, etc.). For instance, an M12 X 50mm Hex bolt has a different length than an M12 X 80mm Hex bolt. A separate part file will be generated for each bolt. Once the part has been created and added to the assembly we need to tell NX where to save each specific variation of the standard part so that it can be recalled when the assembly is loaded. Go to the “Reusable Component” tab. Under the “Native NX” section select “Browse” to choose which folder will be used for the “Part Family Save Directory.” I’ve decided to use the “Reuse Library” folder. Its path is C:Program FilesSiemensNX8.0NXPARTSReuse Library

Select “OK” to save the Customer Default Settings. Changes will not be active until NX is closed and reopened.

Note: You can choose whatever Save Directory you like but make sure you add that directory to the Assembly Load Options to avoid broken links. Assembly Load Options are discussed in the next section.

Step 6: Configure the Assembly Load Options:

a. Select: File -> Options -> Assembly Load Options Click on the folder icon to browse to the “NXPARTS” folder

b. Add “…” after the path which tells NX to search all sub-folders of the “NXPARTS” folder. Since the “Reuse Library” folder is a sub-folder of “NXPARTS” the standard parts will be found. Your load options should look like the picture below. Select “Save as Default.” Select “OK”

Close and Re-Open NX so that all changes made to the Customer Default settings take effect.

Step 7: Adding a standard machinery part: In this example there is a 100 X 100 X 100mm cube with a point on one of the faces. The point is defined by sketch constraints and will be used for locating a standard bolt.

a. Open the “Reuse Library” tab and expand the “Machinery Library.” Navigate to the part you would like to add. For this example a Hex Head Bolt has been chosen. Thumbnails of available parts for each category are shown under “Member Select.” You can choose to display a more detailed image of the part under “Preview” if you wish. Right click on the component you wish to add and select, “Add to Assembly.”

b. Define the parameters of the bolt (size & length). An M12 X 120mm Hex Bolt is being used. Define how the component will be positioned under the “Placement” drop down menu (Inferred, Absolute, Constraints, etc). For this example, “Select Origin” has been chosen. You can decide if you want to create a pocket. NX will create a hole/pocket through the part where the bolt is added. You can edit the pocket parameters by selecting the “Edit Pocket” icon so that it goes thru multiple bodies (hole series) or thru a single body (subtract). When you’re done adjusting the parameters and settings select “OK” to add the component.

c. Select the point for placement of the bolt.

The bolt has been added. Save, close, and re-open the assembly to make sure all Load Options and Customer Default settings are correct. You should get no error/warning messages.

Notice that the M12 X120mm bolt has been saved to the “Reuse Library” folder that we specified earlier in the Customer Defaults “Part Family Save Directory.”

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