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How to maximize profitability and productivity with Condition Monitoring

For most manufacturers, any downtime planned or unplanned is a nightmare. Unplanned downtime is one the biggest threats to manufacturing profitability, impacts equipment availability, labor overhead, maintenance, engineering, production and more.

Unplanned downtime impact


The total annual cost of unscheduled downtime across process industries is almost 5% of output value.

800 hours is the amount of downtime that manufacturers experience annually

20 percent of production is lost by many factories due to asset downtime.

What can you get with condition monitoring?

  • Empower teams with operational insights
  • Optimize asset health & utilization
  • Gain transparency into machine health & performance
  • Prevent critical asset failure

What MindSphere users have realized after implementation of condition monitoring?


savings on service maintenance


reduction in asset downtime


increase in manufacturing output

What’s the impact of condition monitoring?

  • Minimize infrastructure costs and costs associated with the downtime of assets. In short reduction in cost.
  • Gain an overview of the health and operational efficiency of assets, more enhanced transparency.
  • Adopt an advanced IoT solution and remove maintenance activities and reduce the burdens.

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