How to Set Default Template for DXF Translation for Solid Edge

Note: This is for Solid Edge ST10 and older versions

If you are importing DXF files from AutoCAD into Solid Edge, Solid Edge will prompt you to select a template file.

This quick, step-by-step guide lets you skip this step so that Solid Edge automatically opens the DXF file with your specified template.

1. Go to the following location:

  • C:Program FilesSolid Edge ST10PreferencesTranslators
  • (Note: The Solid Edge version in this string depends on the version of Solid Edge you’re running. If you’re in ST9, it’ll be C:Program FilesSolid Edge ST9PreferencesTranslators

2. Open seacad.ini in notepad; it should appear similar to the image below.

3. Once opened, go to the location where you store your template file. In this case (image below), it’s the Solid Edge Template folder. Copy the path of the template you wish to use and paste it into the .ini file in the Template File line

4. You will also need to add the template name to the .ini file. So your end result should look something like this:

5. Save the .ini file and test to verify that the change worked.

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