On-Demand Webinar

Presenter: Amit Nandi

How to Tackle NVH Challenges in Electric Vehicles?

Brief Summary of Webinar:

Electric vehicles drastically reduce CO2 emissions but bring their own NVH challenges. Increasing comfort, quality, and reliability proved to be more complicated with introducing new powertrain technologies, engine and driveline subsystems. Wind noise, Electric Motor and road noise are more prominent in all Electric vehicles.

Tool that will be covered:
Simulation & Test solution of Simcenter to address the NVH challenges.

Acoustic comfort in an electric vehicle means tackling a host of new phenomena that were not on the radar in the past. The dominant focus on powertrain NVH is spreading towards a wide focus on road noise, wind noise, auxiliary systems. In combination with the continuous drive to higher energy efficiency, making car bodies lighter and therefore better noise transmitters, this ultimately complicates the engineering task.
This webinar provides insights on how to reduce the different types of noise by using Simcenter 3D & Simcenter Test Solutions covering:

  • Road noise
  • Wind noise
  • Sound quality
  • Balancing different attributes as there may be conflicts arising
  • Considering exterior noise with pass-by noise and EV warning sound


Who Should Attend?
It is for any Industry and following can attend:

  • Simulation Engineers
  • NVH Engineering Team
  • NVH Testing Team

Post the session, participants will be able to:

  • Know the different sources of NVH in an Electric vehicle
  • Know how to address all the NVH issues in an electric vehicle using Simcenter 3D Simulation & testing solutions.
  • Optimize the electric vehicle with respect to NVH performance

Presenter - Amit Nandi

Amit Nandi has a total of 5+ years of work experience in the Demonstration of Technical Simcenter 3D. Training customers on product usage and Troubleshooting. He is a responsible end to end Technical Support (Post-sales) to Simcenter (Simcenter 3D) & FEMAP to all types of customers (Auto, Aero, Defence, Space, Consumers, Electronics, Marine, etc…).

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