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How to Use the Section Surface Tool in NX CAD

How to Use the Section Surface Tool in NX CAD

This blog post is a part of a new series of weekly how-tos for Siemens PLM Software. Today will cover the Section Surface command inside NX.

Below, you can see an example of the Section Surface window.

There are different types of Section Surfaces you can perform. These include conic, circular, cubic and linear.

Based on the type of Section Surface you choose, you then have to choose the Mode, or how you’re going to create that section. In the case of a circular section, there’s Three Point, Two Point Radius, Two Point Slope, Radius Angle Arc, Tangentpoint Tangent, Center Radius, Center Point, Center Tangent, Tangent Radius and Tangent Tangent Radius.

So, say you choose a circular section and you want to create it with the Center Radius mode, and you have two sections like the below

You can grab the bottom section, then for the spine grab the same curve, and whatever value you have inputted for the radius in the Section Control portion, it’ll go around the guide and spine (if it’s the same section chosen).

Note: In the Section Control option, you have control over how you want the radius to be with the Law Type. So you can have the radius be constant, or start at one radius and go to a different one.

Now, let’s look at the top of this same example. Say you choose Linear for the Section Type, and Point and Angle for the Mode. You can choose that top section, then use Slope Control to come down to the bottom solid that you’ve already created, and to be tangent to it. When you then pick that top spine as your reference for how it transitions around, you’ll get the below look.

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