Importing a Material Table

Tip of the Week – February 13

When upgrading to ST7, many users will have custom material tables that they will want brought forward into the new version. There are two ways this can be accomplished.

The first way to bring the material table into ST7 is to copy the old .mtl file and paste it into C:Program FilesSolid Edge ST7PreferencesMaterials. Once this is done, you should see a new library appear in the material table.

The other way to bring your material table forward to ST7 is by importing it. To do this, open up the material table, right click and select New Library:


After you create your new library and name it, you can right click on it and select the Import option:


After selecting Import, browse out to an existing .mtl file or .xls file which contains the material table. Once the library has been imported you can then add new materials, copy existing materials or properties and add them to new materials, or even create your own custom material properties. Face styles and fill styles can also be edited now while in the material table.

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