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Improve Efficiency in the Initial Phase of Mold Design

In today’s highly competitive marketplace creating high-quality innovative mold design products cost-effectively and quickly has become a challenge for tooling manufacturers. The customers also demand shorter delivery lead times, in addition to accuracy and consistency in product. Shortage of skilled employees is also a challenge that is affecting productivity in this sector.

Be Proactive and Avoid Tooling Issues

The whole mold manufacturing lifecycle is a complex process and consisting of – designing, processing, assembling, and debugging that leads to the final product. In this process, creating a mold die is the first step, and one of the most important one.

When creating innovative product designs, designers and engineers must create a product that is cost-efficient to produce and operate.

Therefore, tooling manufacturers need software that can engage quickly in inexpensive prototype iterations and test cycles to meet the manufacturing requirements.

Siemen’s NX Mold Design Software to Optimize Designing

Streamline the complete mold design development process by leveraging Siemens mold design software application in NX. With more stress on quality and reduced build-time, the software helps in product development from parts design to tooling assembly layout, tool design, and tool validation.

Tooling process expertise – The software helps you perform design changes across the entire process – from designing to machining. You can document the mold design using automated drawing creation with associative hole tables, the 3D annotation. Teamcenter software provides a single source of data and process knowledge that ensures your whole team is working with the right data.

Re-use of company standards – Automation helps accelerate and optimize the mold design process. By standardizing processes and components, preconfigured project templates, materials, tools, and processes can be reused, and designs can be configured to adapt to new molds.

Analyze and Validate Design – Any flaw in the mold will lead to a faulty product. Hence, analyzing and design validation is important and crucial to ensure the complete manufacturing process has been well-defined. This will eliminate costly reworks, as well. Using NX, you can analyze the parts design for manufacturing ability using wall thickness checking functions, draft analysis, undercut region detection and radius evaluation. Using the product analysis and validation tool, you can quickly verify information and design compliance, monitor progress, manage risks, and make informed decisions.

Easy Fill: This capability is to simulate the way material flows through a mold for the plastic parts. This has two capabilities. Run flow analysis allows users to define gate location, mesh, and materials to run the analysis. Display Flow analysis is to import and display flow analysis results in the graphics window for users to investigate the design. Users can easily set up analyses with only a few clicks and hence no additional training, CAD conversion or meshing jobs are needed.

The Easy Fill Analysis is the tool the NX mold designer can use to verify their designs and ensure the job is done right the first time.


Each aspect of tooling product design from mold die to the creation of actual product is essential to provide long-term trouble-free performance. Siemens’ NX integrated software helps improve efficiency and competitiveness and reduces lead time by as much as 50 percent. The plastic-injection molds are manufactured faster ensuring shorter delivery times for complex molds with better mold parting lines, better finishes, and tighter tolerances.

Partner Overview

PROLIM is a leading provider of end-to-end IT, PLM and Engineering Services and Solutions for Global 1000 companies. We are the authorized Channel partner for SIEMENS PLM software, to sell and service, offering clients with end-to-end, consistent solutions, from inception to implementation.

Contact us at Prolim.com if you want to know more about NX and how you can benefit from it. Alternatively, leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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