Improving Wind Turbine Gearbox Simulation


In recent years, wind energy production has seen rapid growth, with policymakers and wind turbine manufacturers pushing for an increase in efficiency and energy production capabilities.

Wind energy production and power output from wind turbines are rapidly increasing. Drivetrains are a critical subsystem for guaranteeing optimal performance for the expected lifetime of these machines. The Simcenter 3D Motion Drivetrain software transmission builder capability and other drivetrain simulation solutions offer designers a user-friendly environment to quickly and easily build models from
scratch and set up simulations.

What you get from this white paper

This white paper introduces the latest evolution of Siemens Digital Industries Software’s drivetrain simulation portfolio. Its capabilities and the significant advances it brings to the field of numerical simulation are shown in the context of a collaboration between Siemens and ZF Wind Power, in which a wind turbine drivetrain system has been simulated using this newly developed method.

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