Increase Machine Creation 6X Faster with NX CAM

With the latest and greatest continuous release of NX, there has to be new features for NX CAM! NX for Manufacturing now has an enormous scope of solutions for additive manufacturing, CAM, CMM, and robotics. With advanced functionally and ease of usability, the capabilities are now endless. Most of these features have become automatic, yes you heard me AUTOMATIC! Life is getting simpler even for the manufacturing folks.

The new solutions include the ability to machine more efficiently by leveraging barrel tools. This also allows multi-step drilling tools to be created automatic. Validation has also become an easier operation with G-code-driven simulation, and the ability to regenerate 5-axis toolpaths. It is almost instantaneous now!

Automation can speed up any process, however, when it comes to manufacturing and the solution of NX CAM, NC programming and automation are a match made in heaven! There is a night and day difference when it comes to automating processes.

For example, NC programming has various facets, often there are multiple step holes that can be found in various parts of machine components. Using traditional methods to create can be a time-consuming process. Don’t spend any more time on these tedious “traditional methods,” NX can now AUTOMATE all your processes with a few short steps.

Based on the hole geometry, NX has the flexibility to define the sections of multi-step hole features for those to be machined. This process can help reduce your machine creation time up to 6X faster! 6X FASTER! This is incredible!

Increase machine tools, processes and products faster than ever before. Let PROLIM partner with you to advise you on all your manufacturing needs. NX CAM has many capabilities to simplify your processes and give your employees the time they need to focus on minor details.

Interested in more information, contact us at: market@prolim.com.

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