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Customer Success Celebrations

Success tastes sweetest when shared with others.
And Success is incomplete without a promise to deliver more.

We express our sincere thanks for your trust and business to us. PROLIM has been helping companies to utilize Siemens Software for CAD/CAE/PLM business activities. Our involvement in answering technical queries and troubleshooting is also appreciated by many customers.

With support from our customers we were successful in creating a coffee-table book titled Customer Successes – 2019, and also had a grand celebration and release of the book amidst our customers, capturing the successful examples we have created in CAD/CAE/PLM area also showcasing what our customers spoke about us.
On behalf of the Founder, President & CEO of PROLIM Corp. – Mr. Prabhu Patil, We wish to thank SIEMENS and every organization who placed trust in us, and we delivered to their expectations.

Digital Transformation Successes 2019

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