We are thick in COVID-19 pandemic and it has disrupted & rearranged the workplaces. Millions of employees across various industries are working from home.
Apart from the loss of human life, this pandemic has the capability to reset the world order. It can result in companies exploring newer supply chains, newer pattern to work and overall can see the greatest transfer of wealth and opportunities.
It is up to us how we see this situation: An Unprecedented Crisis, or An Unprecedented Opportunity.

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We understand that our valuable engineering & manufacturing community is all locked-up in the homes, just like we all are. At this stage too we wish to serve you with valuable skill-up gradation and awareness-building sessions so that when you return to your workplaces you

We also realize never before has a similar opportunity come where we can conduct ‘Continue Education’ for our community. Hence, PROLIM has unleased the biggest social-missions under “MasterClass Series” to inform and educate everyone on the latest technologies available from CAD, CAM, CAE and PLM domain.

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Highlights of the month


AI Classification and PLM, Helps You Work Smarter! AI Classification matched with PLM is something to consider if looking for a way to improve product lifecycle efficiencies and work smarter. Read on


How Mold Makers Can Improve Their Business: Mold making is a challenging business. Not only is the process of injection molding incredibly complex from a technical perspective, but the business Read on


Role of Data Visualization in IOT: IoT is rapidly accelerating and affecting the industries directly or indirectly. This is steadily increasing the data generated by the business-specific IOT-devices around the globe leading to Read on


Improve Productivity using Simcenter STAR-CCM+ The customer today wants smart products customized as per their demands. Businesses are challenged to improve the quality and the range Read on

Mold & Die Makers:
Top 5 Problems
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April 27
1.Teamcenter Visualization for Improving Efficiency Register
2. Mechanical Routing Register

April 28
1. Offset Machining for Blades in NX CAM Register
2. Synchronous Tech with WAVE Register
3. Hardware In-Loop & Model Reduction Techniques Register

April 29
1. TC BoM Management Register
2. Improving aircraft ice protection effectiveness through CFD based Design Space Exploration Register

April 30
1. Electric and Hybrid vehicles: NVH and Battery cooling performance Register
2. Optimizing Vessel Propulsion Architecture with System Simulation Register
3. Li-Ion Battery Design & Battery Thermal Management Register

Focus Industry: Plastic Parts Manufacturers


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