Connect People, Systems and Machines With a Digital Thread

data flow

Using a digital thread, connect people, systems, and equipment to design the production process.

To manage resources for ongoing improvement and to reuse best practises, create a single source of product and process knowledge. Work together quickly and securely on component manufacturing and assembly operations process planning as well as product design. Connecting planning and production in a precise and consistent manner will guarantee that the shop floor has access to the right manufacturing data.

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Additive Manufacturing Data and Process Management

Manage the data securely for all aspects of additive manufacturing, including printing, material management, and production processes.

factory line

Factory & Line Design Data & Process Management

Organize your different facility planning and line design teams with a factory data and process management solution that is interconnected.

manufacturing design

Part Manufacturing Data & Process Management

To allow more effective operations for generating high-quality parts, link your component manufacturing engineering and production teams with a single source of knowledge.

automation design

Automation Design Data and Process Management

To attain whole new levels of efficiency and production performance with automation, integrate your technical expertise, the disciplines of planning and engineering, and automation and controls.

assembly data

Assembly Manufacturing Data & Process Management

In order to considerably increase collaboration between product and process development activities and guarantee that the cost of high-quality production is controlled, provide a single source of information for product design and manufacturing planning.

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