Provide a Single Source of Product Design and Manufacturing Planning Information

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To offer a single source of information for product design and manufacturing planning, combine Teamcenter software with Tecnomatix digital manufacturing technologies. This would greatly enhance cooperation between product and process development activities. You can manufacture things more quickly while keeping the price of high-quality production under control.

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Accumulate Assembly Manufacturing Knowledge

Design and manufacturing engineers can work together to develop product and process planning definitions, gather manufacturing expertise, and identify best practises, all while sharing this information easily between your engineering, manufacturing, and production departments using Teamcenter and Tecnomatix software for assembly manufacturing data and process management. This makes it possible to accommodate manufacturing restrictions during product design, leading to more effective manufacturing planning and production.

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Capture and Manage the Bill Of Process (BOP)

Deliver improved production plans by managing engineering and manufacturing bills of materials and bills of process in a single environment. To align engineering bills of materials (eBOMs), manufacturing bills of materials (mBOMs), and bills of process (BOPs) in a single environment that provides total control over the product development and manufacturing planning process, use Teamcenter software along with the Manufacturing Process Planner and Easy Plan applications.

Create and Leverage a Digital Manufacturing Resource Library

A Teamcenter application called the Manufacturing Resource Library (MRL) categorises and manages data for manufacturing engineering resources. A library of categorised robots and automated machinery is a common application. Powerful search, browse, and retrieval capabilities are offered by the Manufacturing Resource Library over a complete classification system. Users of Teamcenter Manufacturing have immediate access to the library’s selection of machines, robots, tools, fixtures, and more.

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Handle Manufacturing Change

The Manufacturing Process Planner and Easy Plan programmes for Teamcenter provide complete traceability of how a design change to a particular product might affect current plant operations. You can verify how a product design modification will affect the manufacturing processes at every facility where the product is produced.

You may rapidly view and assess how a product modification will effect the current operations of all plants if you create products in plants spread across several locations. This will allow you to take any necessary corrective changes. You can assess how a product modification will affect the manufacturing of other current goods that use the same line if you have flexible production lines that can create numerous products at once.

Integrate Automation and Controls Data and Processes

To establish a smart factory model with all of the production process elements, including the automation hardware and software, digitally validated in the context of your production layout, connect the planning, engineering, automation, and controls disciplines. assemble and manage essential knowledge on automation, controls, and processes, including PLCs and other hardware for automation.

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Maximize Service Knowledge and Requirements Management

Using a single source of information, maximise service knowledge, requirements management, and value. Complete knowledge of physical product (asset) configurations, including as-built bill of materials records, status, and service history, is required to perform service tasks. Obtain all the necessary information you need to run service operations more successfully.

Provide Access to Virtual Verification Test Data

With virtual verification tests performed before the first physical build, manufacturing may be expedited. The Teamcenter® Manufacturing software’s Test Manager, which offers an easy method to organise, manage, and carry out many types of digital pre-assembly verification tests, can be used to help the verification process. By digitally identifying possible problems before the first physical construction, it assures right-first-time manufacturing and helps you to prevent rework.

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Support Manufacturing Execution System Integration

By offering a two-way interface between your production plans and shop floor activities, you may eliminate problems with the virtual to physical transition. Our shop floor integration solution offers direct factory operation control systems, like a manufacturing execution system, transmission of manufacturing job instructions (MES). Due to shop floor operators having easy access to the most recent work plans and instructions, this PLM-MES connectivity improves execution efficiency. This facilitates better communication between the planning and production teams, enabling you to identify problems and confirm that work plans were successfully carried out.

Synchronize Data Access on the Shop Floor

Shop floor employees will have access to clear operator instructions with 3D capabilities thanks to the Easy Plan with Teamcenter software, which drastically lowers plant floor mistakes. Operator duty sequences in an assembly line may be precisely examined and improved for safety and effectiveness using a graphical interface.

You can quickly discuss and track changes at any level of the product and process design with this integrated approach. For any model-mix modification for every plant site, production changes may be tracked using reporting and analytics, and prompt remedial measures can be made.

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