Integrate Your Engineering Know-How for Better Performance Utilizing Automation

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To attain whole new levels of efficiency and production performance with automation, integrate your technical expertise, the disciplines of planning and engineering, and automation and controls.

To establish a smart factory model with all of the production process elements, including the automation hardware and software, digitally validated in the context of your production layout, connect the planning, engineering, automation, and controls disciplines. assemble and manage essential knowledge on automation, controls, and processes, including PLCs and other hardware for automation.

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Connect Automation Design With Manufacturing Planning

You may construct and use mechatronic templates that link the mechanical and electrical components of automated equipment to quickly generate the automation design using Automation Designer coupled with Teamcenter® software. During manufacturing planning, it is simple to map the mechanical parts to the production system’s automation infrastructure, complete with controllers, inputs, and outputs as necessary, and to manage the software code that governs the automation of the entire system.

automation design
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Integrate Automation and Controls Data and Processes

Using Automation Designer, the appropriate PLC code is added automatically once you choose automation items from your 3D production system plan and position them in the proper area. The electrical schematics required to describe the motors, controllers, etc. and their circuit diagrams are also given, in addition to the necessary code.

Along with the electrical automation system documentation for the factory’s wiring, the mechanical automation system hardware is maintained in Teamcenter and is completely ready to be transferred to the automation engineering system.

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