Increase Productivity With Access to Classified Parametric Factory Components

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Organize your different facility planning and line design teams with a factory data and process management solution that is interconnected. Having safe access to a restricted library of parametric industrial components will increase productivity and make it simpler to create digital twins of your factories and production lines.

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Configure Line Design Data

Utilize well-managed and readily available manufacturing data to quickly create, visualise, and optimise layouts of production lines, down to controlling a single manufacturing resource, such as a machine, robot, or fixture, and link them to manufacturing planning inside your plant.

You can perform precise impact analyses and drive effective change management by using parametric resource objects when you use Line Designer and Teamcenter software to define and control your line design data. This complete solution is necessary for defining optimised line designs and production processes.

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Leverage Smart Factory Data

To understand the effects of equipment placement on the factory floor and to get essential insight into your factory layout and installation procedures, your design teams should not depend just on generic, 2D layout environments.

Use FactoryCAD to create complex, intelligent manufacturing models. Work with intelligent objects that represent nearly all of the resources utilised in a plant, from floor and overhead conveyors, mezzanines and cranes to material handling containers and workers, rather than needing to draw lines, arcs, and circles. Without wasting time sketching the equipment, you can easily snap together and manage a layout model and its related data using these components.

Manage Factory Data In Context

Reduce the non-value-added work involved in handling vast amounts of facility data to increase productivity. Coordination of the many disciplines in charge of setting up your production facilities can help you transform your layout and facility engineering processes.

Structures that are readily opened using layout tools may be configured and managed using the In Context Editor (ICE) and Teamcenter software. Your layouts may be created without having to worry about parent-child connections (reference data), which takes the stress off of working in big manufacturing settings. In order to provide adequate revision control, release management, and external supply chain network responsibility, the layout plan must be kept in ICE and within the context of the manufacturing bill of process (BOP).

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