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To increase your efficiency, create thorough and precise part manufacturing process plans. Assign resources, requirements, and plant details to each operation stage to ensure that the appropriate individuals are using the appropriate data when it is required.

Create and manage your production engineering materials conveniently in a centralised digital library that is accessible from your integrated CAD, CAM, and CMM applications.

Utilizing a single source of information to send accurate manufacturing planning data into production can help you produce high-quality products.

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cutting tools

Cutting Tool Management

Increase machine uptime by using an integrated tool cycle management system to get a thorough understanding of how and where your cutting tools are used.

part process

Connecting to the Shop Floor

Use a single source of data to link production and planning. Deliver the appropriate data straight to your CNC machines, CMMs, and robots used in production.


Manufacturing Resource Library

Utilize a single digital library to manage all of your production resources, such as tools, fixtures, and equipment. This enables direct access from NX CAM software to fully specified and categorised cutting tool assemblies.

routing tc

Routing Authoring & Process Management

Defining comprehensive manufacturing process plans—which specify what is being made, how it will be created, what resources will be needed, and where it will be produced—in collaboration with others is essential.

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