A Creo PLM Solution to Improve Design Productivity and Performance


Using the Creo PLM solution from Teamcenter®, you can boost company performance and facilitate world-class design chain collaboration. To guarantee that the appropriate people receive the correct information at the right time, all design and process information is gathered in a single, secure product lifecycle management (PLM) environment that incorporates version management and access restrictions.

Teamcenter goes beyond workgroup-based data management by allowing multi-site installations and being optimised for wide area network (WAN) operations. In order to develop the appropriate spatial context and communicate it with others across the design chain, you may easily browse vast volumes of information. Accurate BOM management and visualisation are made possible by the automated management of both part and assembly family tables, flat and nested. By combining them into multi-CAD assemblies, component designs created in other CAD systems may also be shared and reused. Your design-through-manufacturing processes are further optimised by intuitive access to a full range of PLM capabilities.

Creo PLM Integration Delivers Intuitive Access to a Full Range of Capabilities to Ensure Design Productivity. Learn More Below.

Access up-to-date product information quickly and easily

All Creo file formats, assembly structure, external references, assembly and part family tables changeable geometry, such as flexible parts and assembly-level features, and simplified representations are all managed at a high degree of detail by the Teamcenter integration for Creo. All of these design components are made available to Teamcenter so that it may take use of PLM features like BOM management and lightweight visualisation.


Automated Workflow Processes, Including Design Release and Change

Structured workflows and change procedures must be implemented throughout the whole organisation if product delivery and quality goals are to be consistently met. You may establish workflows to start, carry out, evaluate, and approve product modifications or new part requests using Siemens PLM Software’s best practises and AdvantEdge methodology. As part of these organised procedures, you can automatically route the required alerts. You may fulfil delivery objectives and guarantee complete product quality by using organised workflows, problem tracking, and coordinated change management procedures.

Creo Plm Within MCAD Delivers a Seamless User Experience

You can work in a collaborative design environment thanks to the Teamcenter connection for Creo, which offers simple access to product and process data from within your default MCAD environment. Utilizing Teamcenter’s Active Workspace, you have access to a comprehensive set of product lifecycle management (PLM) features that let you find designs quickly and securely, manage data revisions, create product configurations, start structured workflows, and implement change processes in a single or multi-site deployment.


Design Re-Use and In-Context Design With Powerful Capabilities

Large clients frequently employ many mechanical design tools, each of which contributes to a single Engineering BOM. Through the DirectModel (JT) file format, which allows Creo assemblies to reference components and assemblies that are mastered in a separate tool like as NX or SolidWorks, the Creo connection supports design reuse. Similar to that, the integration converts and stores data that belongs to Creo in the DirectModel format so that other MCAD applications may use it as reusable reference geometry.

Preconfigured Pdm to Get Into Production Quickly, and Cost-Effectively, Then Grow To Plm

To meet a variety of corporate demands, Teamcenter offers multiple deployment choices. By utilising a wide range of apps, you may increase the value of your Teamcenter solution thanks to its demonstrated scalability. For small and medium-sized businesses looking for a growth route to PLM, Teamcenter Rapid Start offers a preconfigured PDM deployment option that handles design data as well as regular activities and procedures. This makes it a great entry point into the Teamcenter product family.


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