Product Model Management Captures and Manages 1D Models for Faster Innovation

product model mgmt

Why is managing system model important? A complicated product like a vehicle is said to require 10,000 decisions to be made. A lot of the choices are supported by models (e.g. 0D, 1D, 2D, 3D). When a 2D/3D model is lost, the controls that were set up to handle it are also destroyed, making it impossible to develop the product. Other sorts of models, such Simcenter Amesim or Matlab/Simulink, now have the same characteristics. Delivering a high-quality product depends on several factors, including performance, price, and dependability. However, we continue to discover 1D/system models on desktops or accessible shared discs. You can’t be sure you’re using the appropriate version of the model if it can’t be discovered or reused.

1D Models Are Producing Product Content. It’s Time to Treat All Your Product-Critical Models With Respect. Read More About These Integration Features Below

GT-Power Integration

The administration of the Gamma Technologies GT-Power modelling and simulation software by Teamcenter® software is essential to the effective implementation of a model-based systems engineering design process. With model management for GT-Power models, you can ensure that all of your worldwide development teams have access to the most up-to-date models for precisely analysing, forecasting, and verifying engine performance. As these models develop, Teamcenter gives you the opportunity to manage them.


Matlab/Simulink Integration

Matlab/Simulink models may be managed effectively thanks to Teamcenter’s® Matlab/Simulink integration. A model-based systems engineering approach to product development is made possible by Teamcenter’s software’s enterprise-wide management of MathWorks MATLAB® and Simulink® models. This software enables you to manage, reuse, link, and trace MATLAB/Simulink models with the rest of your product definition throughout the product lifecycle. You can easily link, simulate, and evaluate how software, electrical, and mechanical systems interact in order to achieve performance goals thanks to the management of these models.

Simcenter Amesim Integration

Adopt modelling and simulation, and enhance Simcenter Amesim’s visibility to cross-domain data with model management. Managing Simcenter Amesim and Simcenter System Synthesis models using Teamcenter® software is a crucial part of your model-based systems engineering design process. By placing these models under enterprise-wide management, you can make sure that everyone has access to the system models you need to evaluate, forecast, and confirm the characteristics of your goods and performance goals.


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