Shortened Innovation Cycles With Matlab Simulink Model Management


By enabling you to effectively manage, reuse, link, and trace MATLAB/Simulink models with the rest of your product definition across the entire product lifecycle, Teamcenter® software’s enterprise-wide management of MathWorks MATLAB® and Simulink® models supports a model-based systems engineering approach to product development. In order to quickly connect, simulate, and evaluate how software, electrical, and mechanical systems will work together to achieve performance goals, Matlab Simulink model management is able to handle these models.

The dependencies and relationships between objects may be created, seen, and navigated inside Teamcenter. For example, you can decide which models are used to test the performance of a certain product configuration or which models will be impacted by an engineering change. To ensure the quality of the product, it is essential to be able to traverse and analyse these relationships effectively, especially if the models change, new versions of the product are released, or the models are used in numerous products or configurations.

Enterprise-Wide Visibility of Your Behavior Models With Matlab Simulink Model Management

Embrace modeling and simulation

Teamcenter allows an interdisciplinary environment for collaboration and information-linking by facilitating a model-based systems engineering process that makes use of behavioural modelling. For cross-discipline optimization, planning, project management, development, and manufacturing teams may utilise Teamcenter and its graphical building blocks to create systems architecture views that reflect their products and link these views together to offer a holistic product viewpoint.

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