Product Safety and Reliability Capabilities Deliver Safe/Secure Products


Electronics, hydraulics, mechanical parts, and subsystems with thousands of moving parts are all combined in today’s complicated systems. It becomes increasingly challenging to identify possible technological risks and hazards as product complexity rises. Consider using a spreadsheet or separate FMEA tools to manage an aeroplane with three million parts and various failure scenarios. It should be evident that these risk management strategies may not be the greatest option for your company given the millions of automobile recalls that occur each year. In order to identify reliability concerns before they lead to product recalls, the Maintenance Aware Design (MADe) product line presents an integrated, model-based product safety and reliability strategy.This makes it possible for organisations to transition from standalone processes for product safety and reliability analysis (such as standalone RAMS, dispersed FMEA, disconnected Fault Trees, etc.) to integrated reliability models that can actively influence product development in the direction of safe and reliable products.

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