Leverage Product Configuration Management to Handle More Options With Less Effort

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Your clients want options, regardless of the type of goods you provide. You must be able to handle product configurations successfully in order to satisfy those requirements. Although this is sometimes seen as a design issue, choices on what product variants to provide are really determined well before a designer starts his job. People are affected by the consequences of such choices throughout the product lifetime.

You may satisfy customer demand for more complex and varied product offerings using product configuration within PLM without increasing expenses. Utilize Teamcenterproduct ®’s configuration backbone to define variability consistently across the lifecycle. Take charge of the configurations of your products, whether you deliver products with a limited number of supported variants, more complex products with an infinite number of possible variations and combinations, or products that are engineered to order and necessitate new variants of parts and designs with each order.

Product Configuration Management Provides Powerful Capabilities to Handle More Options With Less Effort. Read More About These Features Below.

Engineering Automation

You can automate product and process rules with engineer-to-order features in Teamcenter and Rulestream. With this automation, you can rapidly and precisely respond to new requirements while making sure you adhere to the limitations set by your business. Instead of taking weeks, you may construct bid and production packages. You may accommodate consumer requests for engineer-to-order items while still being profitable by using Rulestream.


Flexible Product Line Engineering

As you increase profitability, provide the diversity that your clients want. A unified definition of variability across domains and the lifecycle is made possible by Teamcenter. Product choices are handled independently to be used throughout the enterprise and are not connected to design data. This offers a convenient shared source of setup information. Planners can specify the goods, lines of goods, and features they want to market. On legitimate setups, engineers may concentrate. A BOP may be produced in manufacturing by using the same definition.

Product Configuration Integrations

You require more than a standalone engineer-to-order system and more than a separate product configuration management tool or system to effectively manage and automate configured products. The integrated product configuration management solution offered by Siemens PLM enables you to take use of both the combined strengths of Teamcenter and Rulestream and the distinctive features provided by other products. Some of the most potent tools you already use to operate your business are integrated with Siemens’ product configuration management system.


Product Configuration Visualization

With product configuration management integrated into PLM, you can take use of Teamcenter’s powerful 3D visualisation features to instantly deliver precise geometry for any legal configuration. Throughout your process, users may view real-time 3D views of the items configured as they choose, independent of their degree of CAD ability. Throughout the process, you can visualise and validate, which helps you find issues early on.

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