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When you have to supply goods that are unique to each client, the problems of product configuration multiply. With each purchase, these extremely complicated and engineered-to-order goods necessitate new versions of parts and designs. Many businesses understand the need to automate repetitious engineering procedures to support their engineer-to-order goods, but find that developing and maintaining indigenous systems is expensive.

You may automate product and process rules using engineer-to-order capabilities in Rulestream and Teamcenter®. With this automation, you can respond to new requests fast and precisely while staying within the restrictions set by your business. Instead of weeks, you may generate bid and production packages in minutes. You may fulfil consumer demand for engineer-to-order items while remaining profitable by using Rulestream.

Learn more about how Rulestream can help you automate engineering to deliver engineer-to-order products.


Automated Part Generation

Design automation features allow you to generate new part designs based on engineering criteria automatically. Deep, bidirectional connections with several common CAD programmes are available. These connections allow for the dynamic creation of new assemblies, components, and drawings based on your design principles. You may focus your design efforts on really unique requirements by utilising design automation with automated part creation connected with the CAD technologies you use today.

Comprehensive Design Documentation

Design documentation is created automatically based on your functional product requirements and the information stored in the system. Deep bidirectional connections with PLM, Microsoft Office® programmes, and CAD systems enable the development of design documentation within the corresponding software application. Rulestream orchestrates this automation, allowing you to reduce order processing lead times while still providing higher quality, more comprehensive shop-floor deliverables.


Guided Requirements Capture

Using guided requirements capture, you may speed up the creation of 3D models, 2D drawings, and BOMs. You are directed through recording functional requirements for each unique product in an easy-to-use environment, whether you are in engineering, sales, manufacturing, or another job. Non-expert users can use collected criteria to drive the design of bespoke goods, as well as streamline and automate proposal answers, 3D and 2D data, and other output data and processes.

Advanced calculations and functions

To facilitate engineering automation, some engineer-to-order goods need complicated engineering computations. You may use Rulestream to collect such calculations and procedures and use them to automatically generate complicated, highly changeable product structures that match your unique needs.


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