Simplify Proposal Automation and Guide Product Development


Engineering automation enables participants who are not part of the typical engineering user base to contribute directly to the generation of information. Although this lessens the enormous workload placed on engineering, poorly regulated automation leads to numerous blunders and costly mistakes.

The development of 3D Models, 2D Drawings, and BOMs is streamlined by Rulestream’s guided requirement capture, which also makes proposal automation and other procedures simpler. Regardless of your position—engineering, sales, production, or another—you will be led through drafting the functional specifications for each bespoke product in a user-friendly setting. By simplifying and automating proposal answers, 3D and 2D data, as well as other output data and processes, non-expert users may use collected requirements to direct the design of bespoke goods.

Learn More About How Guided Requirements Capture Can Simplify Proposal Automation and Guide Product Development

Easy Setup for Guided Requirements Capture

You can make sure that guided content supports your business processes with Rulestream. The environment may be quickly set up and customised to match your needs.


Expertise at your fingertips

Allow your subject-matter specialists to add product design rules into Rulestream using a procedure that is specifically tailored to your company. You may direct the development of new product iterations and have bid content generated automatically.

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