Leverage Integrated Configuration Management Tools to Truly Automate Configured Products


You require more than a standalone engineer-to-order system and more than a separate product configuration management tool or system to effectively manage and automate configured products. The integrated product configuration management solution offered by Siemens PLM enables you to take use of both the combined strengths of Teamcenter® and Rulestream and the distinctive features provided by other products.

Some of the most potent tools you already use to operate your business are integrated with Siemens’ product configuration management system. As a result, you can concentrate more on bringing the proper goods to market and spend less time working out how to manage or duplicate data between different platforms.

Integrated configuration management tools and solutions provide powerful capabilities to truly automate configured products. Learn more below.

ETO Application Integrations

Engineering automation is provided by Rulestream ETO software, allowing you to simply create and manage systems that automate the design of extremely complex engineered-to-order items. This automation platform is based on thorough, reliable connections with everyday apps. You may go on working in your accustomed CAD, Microsoft Office®, and PLM programmes. This enables engineering automation to swiftly develop complicated, engineer-to-order solutions with the backing of all stakeholders, not just your technical expertise.


ERP Connector

The need of identifying and controlling variability long in advance of ERP is becoming increasingly apparent to many businesses. The product versions you provide must be taken into account and comprehended at every stage of the engineering process. The availability of this variability downstream in ERP must likewise be seamless and free of duplication of effort. Through our Teamcenter for SAP (T4S) connectivity, Teamcenter offers OOTB support and gives you control over what variation information you communicate to ERP.

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