Program Management Solutions Provide Planning and Execution in the Same System


Complex, multifunctional, intelligent goods have replaced simple solitary items. Consumers are requesting increasingly complicated items, such as smartphones, medical implants, autonomous cars, drone aircraft, and more. Collaboration between stakeholders from many product domains and throughout the product lifecycle is necessary for these complex products. Scheduling disputes, resource bottlenecks, and late deliveries are caused by a lack of cooperation and visibility among teams.

You may create complicated products with Teamcenter® programme management solutions by integrating planning and execution in a single platform. Through the effective collaboration and communication of critical information, this integrated strategy enables dependent teams from several disciplines to reduce time to market. Additionally, it improves visibility across projects, allowing management to foresee issues and take preventative action rather of responding after the fact. By integrating programme management tools with execution, you can make sure that you’re constantly making progress on the plan.

Program Management Solutions Provide Powerful Capabilities to Plan and Execute in the Same System. Learn More Below.

Program Planning

Support a bottom-up approach to programme planning that confirms what can be done given your resources, schedules, and other factors with a top-down strategy that determines what should be performed. With programme planning integrated into PLM, you can make plans based on precise needs and objectives. You can be sure that the programme state and what is being performed are always in sync. Dashboard views that show what’s happening in real time are available. Make that there is visibility across projects, domains, and lifecycles.


Project Management

Even if you are not an expert in project management, you can manage projects with the use of simple tools. You can easily link PLM data, including components, documentation, specifications, and more, to project tasks and deliverables using Teamcenter. This guarantees that everyone has all they require to fulfil their responsibilities. As work is finished, the project status is automatically updated. No matter how straightforward or complicated your tasks are, manage, plan, and complete them all in one location.

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