Leverage Project Management Solutions to Plan, Manage, and Execute Processes


Solutions for efficient project management are essential. The procedures necessary to reach the market on time and under budget get increasingly sophisticated as your business, supply chain, and goods do. You can use a standalone project management system, but it will result in project management that isn’t connected to the information and procedures needed to carry out those projects. Working on inaccurate information, looking for deliverables, and altering statuses will cause you to waste time.

Within PLM, Teamcenter® offers project management tools. Even if you are not an expert in project management, you can plan and manage projects with the use of simple tools. PLM data, including components, documentation, specifications, and more, may be linked to tasks and deliverables. This makes sure that everyone has what they require to finish their responsibilities. The schedule is updated automatically when tasks are finished. No matter how straightforward or complicated your tasks are, manage, plan, and complete them all in one location.

Project management solutions inside of PLM make it easier to plan, manage and execute the work people do. Learn more below.

Connect Execution to Planning

The fact that planning and execution are controlled in the same system is a major benefit of adopting Teamcenter project management systems. Deliverables are monitored in real-time, you receive just what you need to do a work, and managers have access to accurate, current status and other data. Workflows may also be used to manage task execution, with more precise management for complicated processes.


Flexible Project Reporting

Teamcenter’s project management tools make use of a powerful reporting system. You have superior visibility over resources, the scope of the task, pipeline information, status, and more thanks to a number of out-of-the-box dashboards and reports. You can efficiently organise resources in cross-functional teams and analyse the effects of project changes with this visibility.

Powered by PLM

Utilize the project management tools in the same PLM system you use every day to empower your product leaders. To handle more complicated processes, you may design comprehensive task breakdowns as well as basic schedules with milestones, dependencies, and deliverables. With the project management features included into Teamcenter, you have precise resource visibility to aid in better planning.


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