Capture quality data in several Siemens execution systems and loop back to Non-Conformance Management in Teamcenter Quality


To reach the appropriate degree of quality, a well planned product needs the procurement and production processes to be in sync. In a production setting, process optimization entails preparation and line support as essential components of product manufacture.

Process evaluation is done using a variety of KPIs, including defect pareto analyses, Cp/Cpk values, and ppm rates. The comprehensive record of a product’s quality journey from development to the shop floor is guaranteed by quality data management.

Non-Conformance Management

In order to provide an instant fix and a structured approach to problem solutions, Non-Conformance Management records all deviations from the Quality Execution system that occur during an inspection.


Quality Analytics

With a robust analytics tool included into the Teamcenter user interface for tracking all necessary KPIs, Teamcenter Reporting & Analytics improves the Teamcenter Quality product family.

Quality Control

Effective quality and inspection planning is necessary early in the project lifecycle for complex process, product, and supplier structures.


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