Navigate Through the Phases of Product Development, From Prototype to Serial Production


Quality Project Management covers the whole product development process across the firm, with traceability on all developed deliverables for improved cooperation between engineering, production, and quality management.

The integrated Gantt chart enables an effective time scheduling strategy and clearly displays pending activities, providing you with a standard framework for tracking project progress through the use of schedules. It aids the Quality standard process by facilitating Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP).

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) assists in demonstrating an organised quality strategy for product and process, as required by several standards. APQP methods and techniques are used in practically all phases of product development and production, including product design and development, product and process validation, and series production phases, as well as production feedback operations, including evaluations and corrective actions. APQP is a systematic technique that defines and initiates all relevant process stages using a structured methodology.

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