Increase Productivity With an Intuitive PLM Search Experience


To assist you in finding the data you want fast, Teamcenter® search and analytics tools provide you a simplified and user-friendly product lifecycle management (PLM) search experience. When you require PLM data, it is practically at your fingers in an understandable view. You can discover what you need more quickly using Teamcenter, which also gives you the ability to examine the larger picture and analyse your results.Teamcenter’s very intuitive search features enable you to dive down through product hierarchies and relationships to discover what you’re searching for fast. Search results are aesthetically presented in logical categories by Teamcenter. You may get a web-based, user-friendly solution that gathers and organises data created during the lifetime from many data sources with Teamcenter reporting and analytics. You rapidly receive the information you want in an intuitive style so that you can learn more about your product and make wiser selections.

Search and Analytics Helps You Increase Your Productivity With an Intuitive PLM Search Experience. Read More About These Features Below.

Business Intelligence & Reporting Tools

Making wise business decisions requires visibility into the cumulative knowledge of product development. To provide the knowledge required for you to properly understand your product, you need a single source of reporting and analytics data. Out-of-the-box reports make it simple for you to develop new analytics, and natural language self-service reporting aids in your ability to comprehend your processes and products fast.


Search and Navigate

Logic-based groupings of search results are graphically presented by Teamcenter, making it simple for you to drill down and get what you want. You may easily browse through pertinent PLM data thanks to intuitive search, product structure navigation, and related data browsing. You may quickly and easily discover the correct information with the aid of Teamcenter. Gain more productivity by quickly and easily locating the appropriate information for the work at hand.

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