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Spending a long time looking for information just to obtain a restricted perspective of your product data may be annoying and inefficient. Teamcenter® product lifecycle management (PLM) reduces your time spent searching by assisting you in rapidly finding the information you want through visual and comprehensive perspectives. By understanding the broad picture of product data, you can prevent costly mistakes and make wiser decisions with easy search tools.

It is simple to search in Teamcenter. Shape searches and categorization structures can help you locate the data you’re looking for in an easy way. Search results are visually appealing and structured in logical groupings, allowing you to drill down through information in context and discover what you’re looking for faster. You can easily travel through product BOMs to obtain information thanks to intuitive product structure navigation and associated data browsing. Reporting capabilities and dashboard displays combine data from several platforms.

Intuitive search capabilities help you find information quickly and easily. Read more about these features below.

Data Classification and Library Management

With data categorization and library management capabilities, your organisation may manage previously developed product definition data in digital libraries and re-use this data in new product efforts or continuous improvement projects. You may include hierarchies, classes, and characteristics in your categorization definitions using Teamcenter so that design engineers can rapidly discover design aspects for re-use. These skills can also be used by manufacturing engineers to examine alternative and substitute parts before completing their designs.


Shape Search

Parts reuse can save time and money. However, in order to re-use a part, it must first be located. Traditional search relies on keyword values, and because components are inconsistently labelled, the results are never exhaustive. The one thing that all related pieces have in common is their form. Shape Search detects pieces that are similar based on their geometry, regardless of how they are labelled.

Intuitive, Visual Presentation of Results for Quick Comprehension

The visual presentation of search results allows you to be more productive. The strong search and filtering features of Teamcenter software graphically offer search results to you in logical categories, making it easy to drill-down and explore to locate what you need. Intelligent charting, filtering on attributes, shape, and categorization, as well as results ranking capabilities, allow you to discover the information you need without having to understand how the data is arranged within the PLM system.

Navigate product structure and related information

Understanding your product as a whole, rather than simply one element, will assist you in making better decisions and reducing mistakes and rework. Teamcenter enables you to make better decisions by cutting through the clutter and providing a comprehensive view of your product data and procedures. Powerful Structure and Relationship Browsers, as well as Reporting and Analytics tools, enable you to easily access the data you need to better understand your product.

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