Shape Search Re-Use Rather Than Re-Invent


When new components are unnecessarily added to inventory throughout the product development process when old parts might have been utilised in their place, resources are sometimes squandered. It costs money to add additional components. Take into account the expenses related to production, procurement, testing, documentation, design, and shop floor space allocation. Both the time and the money spent on this should have been put to better use.

Reusing existing materials is so valuable that the expression “reinventing the wheel” is universally derided. Reuse is a smart business decision. To reuse a part, you must, however, be able to locate it. Since components are inconsistently labelled and traditional search is dependent on keyword values, the results are never all-inclusive. All comparable pieces do, however, share one thing in common: form. Regardless of how they are labelled, Shape Search uses their geometry to match related pieces.

Shape Search Supports Re-Use of Parts, to Save You Time and Money. Read More About These Features Below.

Designers Find Their Parts Faster With Shape Search

To access the correct data, technologies must be connected. Shape Search may be accessible via CAD authoring tools like Siemens PLM Software’s NX and is completely integrated with Teamcenter. A designer in NX, for instance, can choose a component using Shape Search by requesting Teamcenter to compile a list of all the related parts. Depending on the user’s Teamcenter access rights, search results are returned. The designer can open any one of the parts that are listed in the search results in NX.


Leverage Shape Search in Procurement to Quickly Find Similar Parts and Compare Supplier Prices

Users throughout the company, including procurement, benefit from Shape Search. Shape Search features may be accessed by a wide variety of users across the company, including users in the procurement area of the product development process, because Teamcenter is a web-based tool and does not need a client download. Purchasing agents may utilise Teamcenter’s Shape Search to find comparable components before comparing part costs and suppliers as they are ready to add new parts to inventory. The next purchase will be more intelligently made if you are aware of the history of previous ones.

Shape Search Makes Classification Easier

Intellectual property (IP) is stored in classification, which promotes reuse and prevents component multiplication. It takes effort and is prone to mistake to classify components based on their names. The efficiency of keyword-based processing of 3D data is constrained by changes in nomenclature over time, within departments, or among subsidiaries in the case of growth through merger and acquisition. Speeding up categorization is Shape Search. It quickly locates pieces that are strikingly similar and excellent candidates to belong to the same class. Shape Search helps you locate all related components and encourages reuse more quickly.


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