Software Design Management Within PLM to Increase Efficiency


The design and management of mechanical and electrical elements are inextricably linked in the context of embedded systems’ software design management. You can manage, link, and trace software requirements and design objects (code, functions, test cases, models, etc.) to data from other domains thanks to Teamcenter-Polarion interoperability, which enables you to better understand all cross-domain relationships and dependencies in all stages of the product lifecycle. Software design management supports the software lifecycle in the context of the complete product, from requirements through delivery and maintenance, accelerating product launch and ensuring that software and hardware are compatible from the outset.

Application lifecycle management (ALM) software engineering data and procedures are integrated with the rest of your product lifecycle management (PLM) tools, data, and processes to enable software design management. The combination of Teamcenter for PLM and Polarion for ALM offers seamless interoperability of tools, data, and processes by utilising a multi-domain integration architecture.

Software Design Management Inside PLM Can Reduce Costs and Improve Product Quality. Read More About These Features Below.

ALM-PLM Interoperability

By seamlessly integrating application lifecycle management (ALM) for software development with the product lifecycle management (PLM) environment you use to manage other elements of the product, ALM-PLM interoperability promotes cross-domain cooperation. The extensive product lifecycle management capabilities of the Teamcenter family of applications are combined with the sophisticated software application development skills of Polarion thanks to the ALM-PLM compatibility of Teamcenter and Polarion.


Binary Management

Binary management boosts design efficiency and overall product quality for embedded software. The same one source of product and process knowledge used to manage the rest of your electronic, electrical, and mechanical design information, Teamcenter can manage your deployed binary software as a “part.” Binary management enables you to more efficiently reuse software modules throughout the whole product line by allowing you to build and manage dependencies between software, software and electronic control units (ECUs), and ECUs themselves.

Software Calibration & Configuration Data Management

The majority of product functions are managed by software calibration and configuration settings, which you or your customers may use to set up the product to perform exactly as you like. For the purpose of defining, managing, and updating the calibration and configuration settings for a product and all of its variants across the whole product line, Siemens PLM software is available.


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