ALM-PLM interoperability that fosters effective cross-domain collaboration


Interoperability between ALM and PLM promotes cross-domain cooperation by smoothly integrating application lifecycle management (ALM) for software development with the product lifecycle management (PLM) environment used to manage other aspects of the product. Teamcenter and Polarion ALM compatibility efficiently combines Polarion’s strong software application development skills with the Teamcenter suite of applications’ powerful product lifecycle management capabilities.

Product development firms may more readily design mechanical and electronic systems that meet both software and product criteria with Polarion ALM and Teamcenter’s ALM-PLM compatibility. The integrated solution, which begins with software requirements derived from product requirements, allows cross-domain teams to have a clearer definition of how software is related to product functions, link software and hardware requirements to implementation, establish and trace cross-domain relationships and dependencies, and ensure the impact of changes to software, hardware, or requirements is clearly identified and evaluated.

ALM-PLM interoperability that fosters effective cross-domain collaboration. Read more about these features below.

Clearly Establish and Navigate Requirements Across Domains

Cross-domain requirements traceability is a critical component of successful product development, and the Polarion ALM-Teamcenter interoperability enables product development companies to effectively design mechanical and software-driven electrical systems. With a better understanding of how software is tied to specific product functionalities, you may generate software requirements from product needs and then confirm that the software created meets both the software and product requirements.


Manage Changes and Cross-Domain Impacts

Using the cross-domain change management features of the Teamcenter-Polation ALM system, development teams can swiftly examine the cross-domain effect of product changes. From any environment, you may identify all hardware or software affected by a change and begin, monitor, and control change processes. Traceability is provided for all software and product changes via Teamcenter bug report, change request, and change notification activities. Detecting and tracking changes between domains can help to decrease mistakes and warranty costs.


Understand Hardware and Software Relationships

Interoperability between Teamcenter and Polarion ALM enables cross-domain traceability and dependency management from within your local working environment. You may cooperate across domains more efficiently, decrease wasted time, and avoid errors by building software and hardware links and dependencies using the Polarion user interface included in Teamcenter and Teamcenter Active Workspace embedded in Polarion. This traceability increases audit preparedness while also assisting with maintenance and repair activities.


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