Supplier Management in PLM Software Brings Suppliers Into the Whole Product Lifecycle


Your product lifecycle management (PLM) strategy must incorporate supplier management software if you want to succeed in the modern market. Products that are created and approved by internationally distributed teams, including suppliers, are being driven by increased complexity and shorter manufacturing cycles. To boost productivity and lower the risk of product recalls and non-compliance, you need your suppliers to communicate with staff members across your company, including those in buying, engineering, compliance, quality, and manufacturing.

Software like Teamcenter® PLM offers a thorough method for managing contacts with suppliers. Throughout the whole lifespan of your product, you may manage internal and external information and coordinate procedures. You may encourage early supplier engagement in product development and give departments access to reliable supplier data. In order to give comprehensive perspectives of your product, supplier information may be controlled in context with the product structure.

Supplier Management Software Can Be Part of Your Whole PLM Strategy. Learn More About Our Sourcing and Supplier Collaboration Solutions Below.

Design Data Exchange

Using effective, secure, and scalable supplier integration features, Teamcenter Design Data Communicate enables you to exchange regulated packages of design data with suppliers outside of your Teamcenter environment. Your design exchange packages’ traceability, auditability, and version control allow for the efficient, transparent, and effective execution of processes. Suppliers can upload and submit their replies to you over the same secure online interface that they use to receive requests and data packages from you.


Direct Materials Sourcing

Before modifications are accepted, Direct Materials Sourcing enables you to comprehend cost drivers early in the product lifecycle and the impact on the supply chain. This solution’s features include automatic tracking and communication, multiple round processing, efficient early bidding processes with RFx (request for information, proposal or quotation) template authoring, a database of potential suppliers qualified by categories, detailed cost breakdowns, bid analysis, and award nominations.

Supplier Collaboration

With Teamcenter Supplier Collaboration, you can extend your product lifecycle management (PLM) processes and data to your non-Teamcenter suppliers efficiently through real process integration. You can collaborate with your suppliers through interactions including Design Data Exchange, Direct Materials Sourcing and Supplier Program Management, all using the same PLM Supplier Collaboration Foundation.


Supplier Integration with PLM

Teamcenter can assist you in working together with vendors that have permission to access your Teamcenter environment. Trusted vendors may safely interact with your PLM processes and only use the data you give them permission to access. In a secure, managed PLM environment, Teamcenter multi-site collaboration enables you to carefully exchange and synchronise supplier data. Without the need for co-location or standardised CAD tools, suppliers may take part in design evaluations thanks to Teamcenter visualisation capabilities.

Supplier Program Management

You may organise and carry out supplier initiatives within the framework of a larger programme by using supplier programme management. In order to decrease cycle times and accelerate time to market, this enables insight into and traceability of supplier deliveries.


Vendor Management

The manual process of gathering and managing supplier information may be taxing. Enterprise stakeholders (such as design, engineering, compliance, and buying) now have access to suppliers, supplier data, and supplier components in a single, secure PLM framework thanks to Teamcenter vendor management. Finding the ideal source is simple because to the ability of suppliers to be categorised according to the types of items they offer. For easy access and analysis, supplier parts and quotations are linked to the product BOM.

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