Optimized Supplier Collaboration With Your Global Suppliers


Through effective process integration, Teamcenter® Supplier Collaboration enables you to quickly expand your product lifecycle management (PLM) procedures and data to your non-Teamcenter suppliers. The same PLM supplier collaboration base may be used for interactions such as Design Data Exchange, Direct Materials Sourcing, and Supplier Program Management with your suppliers. With an intuitive supplier portal to accept requests and send replies, working with your extended supplier teams is simple.

The Teamcenter database, which holds all the information necessary for collaboration, including supplier profiles, projects, access rules, working contexts, and data types they may access, is a key component of Supplier Collaboration. You may accelerate the time it takes to begin exchanging information with your suppliers by using supplier collaboration. Your suppliers will then understand minimal overhead and inexpensive ways to work with you in a legal and productive manner.

Supplier Collaboration extends PLM data and processes to suppliers outside of your Teamcenter environment. Read more about these features below.

Collaborate with your suppliers with an intuitive web portal

Suppliers may send data back to a sponsor using an easy-to-use web portal and can browse and download information from a sponsor with ease using Teamcenter. Across use cases, such as design data interchange, direct materials sourcing, and supplier programme management, the supplier web portal has the same appearance and feel. Suppliers can approve non-disclosure agreements, complete surveys, change product structures, submit task deliverables, and get in touch with Teamcenter sponsors through the supplier web site.

Minimize Training Needs With Multiple Supplier Use Cases Supported With the Same Foundation

Suppliers will experience the same look and feel for use cases involving design data interchange, direct materials procurement, and supplier programme management with the Teamcenter Supplier Collaboration solution. In-depth user training is not required thanks to the user-friendly supplier web site. Suppliers may safely and conveniently access the data they require to perform their duties, see and download it, and simply upload and submit it to their Teamcenter sponsor using the supplier web portal.

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