Your ability to successfully launch goods on schedule depends on managing tasks and deliverables and keeping projects on track. But how can you guarantee that job allocations go to the appropriate project participants? particularly to team members who don’t work in your Teamcenter environment? You may organise and carry out supplier projects within the framework of your overall plans by using supplier programme management. By gaining insight into and transparency over supplier deliverables, you may shorten time to market and cut down on cycle times.

You can assign tasks to suppliers that are not internal Teamcenter users and start data sharing via Teamcenter task processes. Through a secure supplier portal, your suppliers are notified of job requests with instructions and reference information. Once the requests have been made, suppliers can reply by uploading and submitting their deliverables. Deliverables received from suppliers may then be aggregated to the product specification in Teamcenter after being approved.

Utilize Supplier Program Management to keep your initiatives and programmes on schedule. Explore these features in greater detail below.

Assign Tasks and Gather Deliverables to Suppliers Outside of Your Teamcenter System

You may communicate with your suppliers who must take part in programmes using Teamcenter Supplier Program Management, even if they are located outside of your Teamcenter environment. By giving your suppliers duties and keeping track of their deliverables, you may incorporate them in your programme execution initiatives. The secure and user-friendly supplier online portal will be used by suppliers to examine task requests and details, receive reference material, upload deliverables, and sign off on their tasks. Suppliers will be alerted of tasks.

Intuitive Supplier Web Portal to Minimize Training Costs and Save Time

The supplier web portal’s simplicity reduces the requirement for supplier training, saving you time and money. Your project managers can choose third-party vendors to include as project participants and give them responsibilities. When a task request is received, suppliers are notified and can log into the supplier web portal using their allotted credentials. Suppliers can obtain data, add files, and approve jobs using the online interface. They may keep track of tasks, deadlines, and delivery via the online interface. The status of suppliers is completely visible to project managers.

Keep Projects on Track With Support for Program Standards (APQP)

Maintaining the integrity of your programmes requires support for industry programme standards for supplier processes and insight into these processes. Through the inclusion of suppliers in the execution process, capabilities given with Supplier Program Management assist you in executing projects effectively. You may develop project plans with tasks that have prerequisites and deliverables controlled in Teamcenter by utilising the schedule manager.You may manage key routes and keep track of job dependencies with the help of project plans, enabling you to monitor specific activities rather than the entire calendar. Suppliers outside of your Teamcenter environment can be given some or all responsibilities, and you can control their activities as part of the overall programme schedule. The administration of common project templates and this capabilities help procedures like Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP).

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