Address Your Environmental Compliance and Sustainability Needs


Many firms identify environmental compliance and product sustainability as crucial components of success in order to remain competitive in today’s market. You need a sustainability framework that supports your environmental compliance goals and is built on a product lifecycle management (PLM) foundation. This framework should enable you to gradually phase out non-sustainable and/or restricted substances from products while incorporating new, creative “green” ones.

To help you manage and track the composition of your goods’ materials right down to the individual ingredients, Teamcenter® offers environmental compliance and product sustainability solutions. You may lower the risk of breaking regulatory requirements by limiting the use of dangerous ingredients in your goods (REACH, RoHS, Conflict Minerals, etc.). By creating cutting-edge, environmentally friendly products, you may expand your company and foster consumer loyalty while supporting your environmental compliance and sustainability objectives.

Go Green With a Framework for Product Sustainability and Environmental Compliance Initiatives. Learn More Below.

Automate Supplier Declaration Processing

With optimised techniques to collect supplier data, you may quickly process supplier declarations and accomplish your objectives. To acquire a more comprehensive picture of your products, you may quickly collect supplier data using Teamcenter environmental compliance and product sustainability solutions. You can rapidly comprehend the whole material and substance composition of your items thanks to highly automated supplier declaration processing. By effectively gathering and evaluating supplier declaration data, you may reduce the risk of mistakes and satisfy your requirements for environmental compliance.


Compliance Grading and Reporting

With the help of Teamcenter software’s Substance Compliance, you may learn quickly how well your products adhere to legal requirements in various parts of the world. You can grade and report against environmental and social compliance standards using product compliance grading and reporting capabilities, which may help you lower the risk of noncompliance and keep track of your product sustainability activities. Gain total insight into the compliance status of your products by grading them against standards like REACH, RoHS, and conflict minerals.

Integrated Material Data Lifecycle Management

Throughout the product lifecycle, you can maximise material consumption with Teamcenter Integrated Material Management for improved performance and profitability. You can manage the full lifecycle of materials in Teamcenter, from material design to production, as well as the lifecycle of the products that contain these materials, with the enterprise-wide use of approved material information for product functions like design, engineering, compliance, simulation, and manufacturing.

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Sustainability Framework

With Teamcenter Integrated Material Management and Substance Compliance solutions, you can create a sustainability framework that takes into account the supply chain to solve environmental compliance and create eco-friendly, sustainable goods. Teamcenter gives you a comprehensive understanding of your product’s composition by enabling you to handle materials and substances as elements of the product specification and automate supplier material and substance declaration processes.

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