Leverage Automated Processes for Supplier Declarations


One of the major obstacles to achieving your environmental and social compliance goals is effectively managing the processes surrounding supplier declarations. For a more thorough understanding of your products, you may automate supplier declaration procedures using Teamcenter®. In order to speed up collection operations, connections to supplier material data portals like the International Material Data System (IMDS) and BOMcheck are also enabled. Industry reporting standards (IPC-175x, CMRT) are supported as part of the collecting process. You will receive notifications when new requests are made and submitted, as well as when supplier declarations are about to expire. Reports on supplier disclosures give you insight into your supplier declaration procedure.Teamcenter has the ability to submit new declaration requests to suppliers automatically and notify you when supplier declarations are about to expire. After declarations are accepted, supplier material information is combined into your product’s BOM, providing a comprehensive picture of your product’s composition.

Automate Processing for Supplier Declarations to Streamline Compliance Processes. Read More About These Features Below.

Automated Validation of Supplier Data to Reduce Errors and Rework

By effectively gathering and validating supplier declaration data to satisfy your compliance objectives, automation of the supplier declaration process can help you reduce the risk of noncompliance, mistakes, and rework. With the integration of supplier material data portals like the International Material Data System (IMDS) and BOMcheck, support for industry standards (IPC-175x, CMRT), and support for IPC-175x, you can synchronise and exchange the crucial supply chain data needed to meet your compliance initiatives and view your products holistically.

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Integrate to Supplier Material Data Portals to Streamline Your Supplier Declaration Processes

You may design environmentally friendly goods with the aid of the Teamcenter Substance Compliance solution. The International Material Data System (IMDS) and BOMcheck connections to supplier material data portals give you the synchronisation and sharing of crucial supply chain data needed to support your compliance objectives. Utilize these integrations to simplify your supplier disclosure procedures and maintain compliance with REACH, RoHS, and Conflict Minerals laws.

Support for Industry Standards for More Efficient Supplier Declaration Processing

Teamcenter accelerates the process of validating, reviewing, and aggregating material data into your product BOM and allows highly automated procedures for requesting declarations from suppliers. Using industry standards like IPC-175x and CMRT can help you boost efficiency and lower expenses related to collecting supplier declarations. With Teamcenter, you have the resources you need to stay in compliance, including the ability to know and report on your whole product mix, including declaration data from your suppliers.

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