Reduce Risk With Product Compliance Grading and Reporting

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The Substance Compliance solution from Teamcenter® software enables you to easily assess how well your products adhere to legal requirements in various parts of the world. The compliance process manager (CPM), developed by thinkstep, is used in conjunction with compliance grading in Teamcenter to verify that products adhere to different environmental and social compliance laws (REACH, RoHS, Conflict Minerals, etc.). Using pre-configured rule-sets maintained by thinkstep, you may quickly stay up to date with changes in international rules. Using a rules editor to construct your own unique standards to measure yourself against, you can also be proactive in addressing upcoming regulations.You may produce industry-standard compliance reports for internal and external reporting obligations, as well as dashboard displays of data on product compliance status. By recognising, tracking, and reporting on compounds of concern that are utilised in goods, compliance grading and reporting features in Teamcenter help you reduce the risk of hefty penalties, limited market access, and brand harm.

Product Compliance Grading and Reporting Capabilities to Help You Reduce the Risk of Noncompliance. Learn More Below.

Conflict Minerals Reporting

To remain compliant, you may track the usage of conflict minerals in your goods and submit reports about it using Teamcenter®. Teamcenter may request material and smelter disclosure from your suppliers and can also identify supplier parts in your product BOM that include conflict minerals. To enable effective processing of supplier declaration data and reduce mistakes and rework costs, industry standards (IPC-175x, CMRT) are supported. You may better understand your supplier and smelter disclosure status by using conflict minerals-specific data.

conflict minerals


You may achieve REACH and RoHS compliance with the aid of Teamcenter. The process of checking a product’s conformity with REACH, RoHS, and other environmental requirements throughout the world is automated thanks to environmental grading capabilities. In order to demonstrate REACH and RoHS compliance, highly automated supplier declaration processes and linkages to supplier material data portals like the International Material Data System (IMDS) and BOMcheck can help you gain a full picture of the components of your goods.

Plan Ahead With a Rules Editor to Check for Compliance

Why not use a rules editor to prepare for upcoming social and environmental regulations? You may work proactively to meet present and future environmental and social compliance issues by using an intuitive application-based rules editor. You have the ability to include your own set of standards to judge your items against by simply developing your own own rule-sets and adding them to Teamcenter. Additionally, Teamcenter may be configured with custom rules without having to shut down the system.

predefined regulations

Predefined Regulations Monitored by Thinkstep to Keep You Compliant

With the use of pre-defined rule-sets monitored by Siemens PLM Software partner thinkstep, you may handle environmental and social compliance laws like the REACH, RoHS, and Conflict Minerals.

Regulations governing social compliance can be complicated and evolve quickly. You may be sure that you are grading in accordance with the most recent regulatory criteria thanks to Teamcenter’s established environmental and social compliance regulation rule-sets. Thinkstep keeps an eye on rules, so you always get the most recent information. Every six months, regulations are verified for revisions, and revised rule-sets may be introduced to your Teamcenter environment without a disruption in service.

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