Control Product Profitability by Performing Product Cost Management Early in the Product Lifecycle

cost management

Being inventive is essential while creating a new product. Understanding the market opportunity is necessary. A high-quality product must be delivered, and the time must be ideal. Most significantly, you should consider your budget. Your product must be profitable to succeed, regardless of how fantastic it is.

By offering cost transparency for products and tools, Teamcenter Product Cost Management supports the cost and Value Engineering strategy at an early stage of the development process. This method allows a quantitative decision foundation for items that are cost-optimized. You can protect product investments by forecasting future product costs and pricing over the course of the whole product lifetime using the integrated product profitability calculation in Teamcenter. A digital duplicate of your product and tool costs is provided by product cost management, allowing you to precisely reflect planned and simulated costs. Product cost management helps businesses gain more business by improving the timeliness and accuracy of quotation answers.

Product Cost Management Is Made up of Powerful Features to Help Control Profitability. Read More About These Features Below.

Product Costing

A platform for managing calculations throughout the whole organisation is provided by the Teamcenter solution for product costing, which forms the basis for standardised costing techniques, models for fact-based calculations, and transparency into cost drivers. You have the chance to optimise product costs using Teamcenter product costing in order to increase margins, earnings, and return on investment. To reach goal costs, appropriate procurement prices, and lucrative selling prices, you receive trustworthy cost estimates and transparency.


Tool Costing

You may quickly and accurately provide cost estimates for quotation and tool cost analysis with Teamcenter tool pricing. Tool technologies offered by Teamcenter include stamping, die casting, and injection moulding tools. The geometry parameters can be manually created or read from the 3D data automatically. Decisions on tool expenses may be made by both the tool producer and the tool customer using the Teamcenter product.

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