Reporting and Analytics Tools for a Productive PLM Experience


What is the significance of reporting and analytics tools? Your firm has most certainly made significant investments in its IT infrastructure over the years, ranging from packaged corporate programmes (such as ERP, CRM, and SCM) to legacy systems. These technologies, which are frequently implemented at the tactical level in a piecemeal approach, tend to produce information islands.

Without access to the accumulated knowledge of product development, you may be making judgments based on incomplete information. It needs a single source of reporting and analytics data to provide insight and the large picture view required to understand your product.

Our reporting and analytics tools offer a web-based, user-friendly solution for compiling and aggregating data generated throughout the lifetime from numerous data sources. Natural language self-service reporting allows you to easily develop new insights, and out-of-the-box reports help you understand your goods and operations.

Reporting and analytics enables you to make smarter decisions about your business. Read more about these features below.

Analyze and Measure Key Performance Metrics to Make Smarter Decisions

Reporting and analytics provide as a foundation for establishing, measuring, and analysing important performance measures that will drive procedures throughout the product lifecycle. You may monitor and make better management decisions to increase performance throughout your organisation by quickly and correctly obtaining, aggregating, analysing, and distributing information from different sources. Teamcenter gives you the tools you need to collect, analyse, and create data via ad-hoc reports, programme dashboards, and e-mail for real-time business intelligence sharing.

Analyze Your Product Development Data to Increase Productivity

You can rapidly access reports, dashboards, and analytics with Teamcenter to help you analyse project performance, the state of goods in development, or bottlenecks in your operations. With a straightforward reporting schema that leverages plain language to build reports and charting and drill down capabilities for visual depiction of data, you have the tools you need to make choices about your product early on. Out-of-the-box industry and process reports (configuration management, substance compliance, and so on) assist you in remaining compliant and monitoring performance.

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