Deliver Greater Customer Value With Service Lifecycle Management


Profit from the reuse of engineering and manufacturing-derived product knowledge to enhance service planning and delivery. Give engineering comments to enhance the serviceability and dependability of product designs. For better compliance, quicker service, and more affordable operation, coordinate and communicate.

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Create More Effective Service Plans

For more successful service operations, develop excellent service strategies. Drive service operations by giving teams all the specific data they want to monitor and comprehend asset health. To ensure that technicians are ready to undertake reactive, proactive, and upgrade service operations, provide them a thorough awareness of the service demands.


Maximize Service Knowledge and Requirements Management

Utilize one source of service knowledge to its fullest potential for needs management and value. Complete knowledge of physical product (asset) configurations, including as-built bill of materials records, status, and service history, is required to perform service tasks. Obtain all the necessary information you need to run service operations more successfully.

Optimize Service Operations

By integrating your deployed assets with IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management software, you may get ongoing maintenance information. Manufacturers may utilise this gathered data to enhance designs or make service upgrades with the aid of Teamcenter Service Lifecycle Management software. This closed-loop solution strategy will assist you in reducing maintenance expenses, lowering risks, and enhancing asset resilience.


Reduce Downtime With Integrated Asset Performance Management

Manufacturers may receive real-time insights on asset usage by utilising IoT technology, which results in design, manufacturing, or service updates. Corrective measures can be implemented using data analytics before an unforeseen asset breakdown occurs. Field technicians may get quick access to real-time information using IoT data and procedures, which reduces the time it takes to complete maintenance tasks overall.

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